(ein stück autokino)

Theater, 60 mins
by pulk fiktion
Age: 14+

Festivals & Honors

OURVIEW Student Jury Award - One of three outstanding plays at licht.blicke Festival Nürnberg 2011

licht.blicke 6 – Jugendtheaterfestival Nürnberg 2011
Momix Festival, France 2010
100° Festival Berlin im Hebbel am Ufer 2010
15. Hessische Kinder- und Jugendtheaterwoche Marburg 2010
Kultursommer Rheinland-Pfalz 2009
Internationales Theaterfest St. Vith, Belgium 2008


The two women onstage want to be more than everyday people. Longing to be as cool and adventurous as in the movies, they create their own road-movie onstage which allows them to transcend boundaries that would usually stop them. The live-camera becomes their accomplice, charmingly turning the events on stage into cinematic images on the screen. A wig becomes a hostage, a bunch of cables turns into a bomb, and an intense chase takes the form of an up-down choreography. Autokino is a show about the desire to give up everything and take off, searching for this one ultimate feeling that we know from the movies.


A production by pulk fiktion
Performance: Hannah Biedermann, Manuela Neudegger
Director: Eva von Schweinitz
Live-Camera: Eva von Schweinitz, Nele Jeromin
Technical Director: Alexander Rechberg

photos: Eva Çerna