A Film Is A Film Is A Film

Experimental Documentary, 16 minutes


"One of the best things I saw at the festival,
and definitely the best short work on the screen."

- ARTINFO: Top 5 Films at Tribeca Film Festival

"This nostalgic work will help you rediscover the special qualities of film as a work of art and a process of artistic production."
- Complex Art+Design: 15 Art Films to Watch at the Tribeca Film Festival

"A must see for anyone who loves film."
- Unseen Films: Tribeca Day 9: This is what festivals viewing should be

"A thoughtful meditation on the disappearance of celluloid film and the takeover of digital projection worldwide (...) Von Schweinitz gently and playfully considers the link between how we watch films and how we see."
- Georgina Coburn Arts: The 12th Inverness Film Festival

Indiewire: Tribeca Women Directors: Meet Eva von Schweinitz
The Double Negative: Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014 - The Highlights
The Pioneer: The Short Films of Tribeca
Feltacts: Projecting an Ageless Future p. 27-29
desistfilm: Digital Disruption: Locating Truth and Intimacy in the Workflow
Boog City 89: Emulations, Fetes, and Threnodies for Analog Film p. 10


Digital projection is taking over the movie screens world wide. As the material of celluloid film slowly disappears from her workplace, the director, who has worked as a movie projectionist for more than 10 years, embarks on an investigation into what makes film special and accompanies Roger Getzoff who has likely fixed every film projector in New York's movie theaters over the course of the last 40 years on his trips. These days, he is being called by the very same houses to take out those still-functioning machines and replace them with digital equipment.
A Film Is A Film Is A Film is about time, about fleeting moments, aging, and the turning wheels of history. A personal look into a changing profession and a visceral portrait of a vanishing material.


Tribeca Film Festival 2014
Traverse City Film Festival 2014
Hamptons Take 2 Documentary Film Festival 2014
International Short Film Festival Cyprus 2014
CNEX Doc Festival Taiwan 2014
Stuttgarter Filmwinter 2015
IN THE PALACE Sofia International Short Film Festival, Bulgaria 2015
Aesthetica Short Film Festival UK 2014
Inverness Film Festival Scotland 2014
International Film Festival of Art Milan, Italy 2015
Imagine Science Film Festival, New York 2016
Dallas Video Fest 2014
Northside DIY Film Festival 2014
Southside Film Festival 2014
Red Hook Film Festival 2014


Featuring: Roger Getzoff
Director: Eva von Schweinitz
Camera: Jorge Torres-Torres, Eva von Schweinitz
Sound Recording: Kara J Schmidt
Editing: Eva von Schweinitz
Music: William Basinski, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Soundroll

Thank You

William Basinski, Joe Berger, Veronique Bernard, Tonia Blair, Chad Bolton, Peter Born, Jeff Cashvan, Jessica Chornesky, Georgeen Comerford, Edward Coppola, Lindsey Cordero, Jason Craig, Ryan Daniels, Charles Darby, Evan Davis, Film Forum, Roger Getzoff, Bruce Goldstein, Megan Hess, Craig Hubert, Jessica Jelliffe, Keith Jenson, Gabi Kozak, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Lydia Lafleur, Leon Lierzer, Ross Lippman, Miguel Macias, Mike Maggiore, Julia Marchese, John Mhiripiri, Okwui Okpokuasili Joshua Brandon Pancer, Ji Park, Joanna Phillips, Brandon Prince, Melissa Saucedo, Kara J Schmidt, Doug Schwab, Ruth Sergel, Joshua Solondz, Temporary Residence, Rebecca Rikleen, Michaela von Schweinitz, Herbert Thorne, Jorge Torres-Torres, Susan Willerman. My friends and my family.