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About All about Nothing:

"...Instead of inundating their audience with facts, pulk fiktion has developed a performance, whose charm and urgency are created between short re-enactments, projections, drawings, and music. (...) Even for adults, All about Nothing offers plenty of food for thought about the fact that some children start without a chance to escape a vicious cycle of poverty and social distress. ..."
- Kultur-Extra, Karoline Bendig, 09 October 2016

"... Based on research with children and youth, pulk fiktion has created a play which doesn't lift the moral pointing finger, but which, far from social romanticism and politicized victimhood, weaves original recordings and poetic scenes into a haunting reality..."
- Thomas Hag, Rheinische Post, 07 June 2016

"... Straight-lined and unagitated, {pulk fiktion} portrays the societal cynicism, that lays itself like a blanket over the children, turning them and their needs invisible... "
- Pamela Broszat, Neue Rheinische Zeitung 07 June 2016

"... Not just the young audience can marvel at how imaginative and nimble-footed directors Hannah Biedermann and Eva von Schweinitz tackle the theme of child poverty. ..."
- Kölnische Rundschau, Brigitte Schmitz-Kunkel, 2016

Interview with Directors Hannah Biedermann and Eva von Schweinitz (German)
- Meine Südstadt

About Conference of Essential Matters:

"... Humorously, well thought-out and clever, the theater and game creators test the concept of family, power relationships and trust. pulk fiktion creates a situation of conversation and negotation on eye-level. It's not assumed what children are interested in, instead they are included in a shared experience of decisionmaking, laughter and discussion..."
- Selection Jury WESTWIND Festival 2015

"...An exercise in democracy, of which Andreas Dorau once sang: "It never gets boring", and in this case it can also be a lot of fun. Depending on the group dynamic that develops in a safe space of possibility..."
- Christian Bos, Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 15 May 2015

"... pulk fiktion goes a decisive step further than their colleagues from Grips or Marabu Theater. Here, it's not about creating a political consciousness through watching a play that refers to the world outside. In "Conference of Essential Matters" the subject of discussion is inside of the theatrical space. Politics are enacted, in a safe framework it's allowed and encouraged to test, attempt, and shape.... With pulk fiktion the local children and youth theater scene has found its avant-guarde ..."
- Julian Gerhard,, 03 June 2015

"...It's a table game in real life. These kinds of interactive productions are currently en vogue, although they often fail because they take themselves too seriously. The vibe of this conference is light and happy from the beginning... pulk fiktion is able to create something else with "Conference of Essential Matters": Getting to know and gage complete strangers very quickly."
- Christoph Braun, Braunschweiger Zeitung, 15 December 2014

About A Film Is A Film Is A Film:

"One of the best things I saw at the festival, and definitely the best short work on the screen."
- ARTINFO: Top 5 Films at Tribeca Film Festival

"This nostalgic work will help you rediscover the special qualities of film as a work of art and a process of artistic production."
- Complex Art+Design: 15 Art Films to Watch at the Tribeca Film Festival

"A must see for anyone who loves film."
- Unseen Films: Tribeca Day 9: This is what festivals viewing should be

"A thoughtful meditation on the disappearance of celluloid film and the takeover of digital projection worldwide (...) Von Schweinitz gently and playfully considers the link between how we watch films and how we see."
- Georgina Coburn Arts: The 12th Inverness Film Festival

The Double Negative: Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2014 - The Highlights
The Pioneer: The Short Films of Tribeca
Feltacts: Projecting an Ageless Future p. 27-29
desistfilm: Digital Disruption: Locating Truth and Intimacy in the Workflow
Boog City 89: Emulations, Fetes, and Threnodies for Analog Film p. 10

About Private(i):

"If the future is anything like how the artists behind Private(i) predict it will be, the only way to protect our privacy will be to become hackers ourselves, creating glitches in the system that binds us."
- Rhizome: Larping Off The Grid

"Equal parts urban spelunking expedition and political provocation, “Private(i)” is a
reminder that being truly alone is necessary, despite how utopian the connection enabled by technology might seem."

- Fast Company: Inside Private(i), An Immersive Surveillance Art Project

"The journey both unsettles and inspires awe."
- Brooklyn College News: Exploring Brooklyn with a Private(i)

Interview with DIS magazine: Fixed Agency | Private(i)

About GH(  )STS:

Graduate Center Library Blog: Beware! The library is filled with GH( )STS!

Wonderlands Japan: GH( )STS (Japanese)

About Re-Envisioning the Homeless:

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