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Graduate Center Library Blog: Beware! The library is filled with GH(  )STS!
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"I’m trying to understand what makes a character a person. I’m trying to be a person, but I don’t know how. You're a person, right?"

GH(  )STS is an audio walk in a library, guided by the ghost of a fictional character who was abandoned by her author. Visitors embark onto a journey into the messy act of imagination and the haunted world of writing. Slowly, they are drawn into a spiraling tale about phantasms, fantasies, apparitions, and delusions. Will they be able to help release the ghost?

GH(  )STS was presented in the Mina Rees library at the CUNY Graduate Center in October 2014 as part of Prelude 2014.

Thank You

Allison Lyman, Shawnta Smith, Polly Thistlethwaite, Curtis Matthew, Andrew Kircher, PRELUDE 2014, Frank Hentschker, Sarah Stites, Mary Spadoni, Rebecca Sheahan, the entire PIMA 7990 class '14, Miguel Macias, Leonhard Lierzer

Photos: Eva von Schweinitz