Narrative Short, 19 minutes


Portland Film Festival 2022


Chase is a die-hard fan of pro-anorexia blogger Hannahrexia889. Hannah's methods may be harsh, but "skinny is always worth it." The two get closer, in a turbulent online relationship that culminates in a night of antics in the city. Chase must realize that her social media idol Hannah is not really as strong as she seems online. But when your friendship is built on the values of pro-anorexia, "getting better" doesn't always mean what you think.


Cast: Kathleen Bostick, Rachel Ravel, Marc Smaltz
Director: Eva von Schweinitz
Writer: Anna Michael
Producer: Anna Michael, Tony Macht, Rachel Ravel
Executive Producer: Anna Michael
Co-Producer: Tony Macht
Editor/VFX: Leonhard Lierzer
Costume Consultant: Danica Martino
Sound Design: Eva von Schweinitz